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Bring Your Baking to the NEXT Level!
Welcome to My School of Baking!
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My love of baking has made this craft such a pleasurable and fun experience that I want to share all I have learned with you. This online school enables me to teach baking to you in the comfort of your own kitchen. These lessons are drawn from classes that I have taught in person throughout the country over the past 30 years to thousands of baking enthusiasts. The cost of this online school comes at a fraction of the cost of my in-person classes. The value is incomparable!

You will LEARN BY DOING! Each level includes 3 recipes with detailed EXPLANATIONS, valuable TIPS, and step-by-step PHOTOGRAPHS to guide you to mastering TECHNIQUES.
About Carole Walter
  • Recipient of James Beard and IACP (International Association of Culinary Professionals) awards.
  • Author of four notable cookbooks dedicated to baking.
  • Certified Culinary Professional (CCP).
  • Nominated for "Teacher of the Year" by IACP.
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About the School
Carole Walter's School of Baking is so much MORE than recipes - you will master Carole's TECHNIQUES which will lead you to create irresistible desserts to delight your family and friends. Students are invited to submit a photo of their finished work.

To learn more about Carole Walter, acclaimed cook book author and teacher, please visit her website at
What's Expected of Me?
I have created 9 lessons for you, plus a complimentary recipe. The lessons are divided into 3 levels. These levels are designed to broaden your knowledge as each lesson progresses in difficulty. Months of testing and fine-tuning are the results of many years of experience and expertise over the course of my career. Please accept my invitation to join my class and LET THE LEARNING BEGIN.

Please view the FREE SAMPLE LESSON - a scrumptious Blizzard Cake - to see for yourself the photos, tool-tips, and explanations found in all the lessons.
What's Expected of You?
As a major part of the learning process, you are encouraged to bake each recipe in the course and submit a photograph of your finished work. Start at the beginning, even if you have baking experience. My proven techniques will give you superior results. I STRONGLY encourage you to start with Level One to be sure that you acquire good habits and assimilate the best fundamentals.
The Curriculum
The curriculum kicks off with the essentials of baking American-style cakes. This Series consists of 3 Levels with 3 Recipes within each Level. You may register for any Level in any Series, although I encourage you to start at Basic and work your way to the Advanced recipes - the more advanced recipes build upon techniques learned in the basic recipes. Maximum benefits will be achieved by starting at the beginning for a solid foundation.
Each Series Features:
  • A 50+ page REFERENCE COMPANION of essential techniques, ingredients, and equipment (printable)
  • A list of BASIC KITCHEN EQUIPMENT for every baker's kitchen
  • 9 Teaching Recipes, divided into 3 course levels (basic, intermediate, advanced)
  • Over 350 Step-by-Step photos covering key baking techniques, as well as pop-up tool-tips for in-depth explanations
  • A Certificate of Achievement plus a FREE recipe upon completion of all 3 course levels
Carole's Pop-Up Tips
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Click the image above to see a sample tool-tip. It's like having Carole Walter in your kitchen!

One student raves: "On the web-based version of the recipes, I find the pop-up tips on highlighted text quite clever, especially for less experienced bakers who are still learning terms and practices."
What Equipment Do You Need?
Each student will receive a list of BASIC KITCHEN EQUIPMENT that should be found in every baker's kitchen. In addition, each recipe will list any specialized equipment that would be required. We recommend two sources for your equipment needs. First, the international store Bridge Kitchenware has an online dedicated page called "Carole Walter Suggests" stocked with some of the more specialized equipment. Bridge is a family business serving top baking professionals since 1946. Their customer service is terrific and their prices are quite reasonable. In addition, I have set up an Amazon Store for you containing some of the basic and specialized equipment that I recommend.

No computer in the kitchen? Each recipe includes a link to a printable version (without the photos and tool-tips) for your convenience.
Wait, There's More!
In addition, each student will receive an introductory primer called BEFORE BEGINNING which explains the five crucial steps to obtaining successful results.
Learn More and Register Today!
Payment gives you unlimited LIFETIME access to each set of recipes. No expiration date!
Problems? Questions?
Please contact [email protected].