Student "Homework" and Testimonials

From Mary W.
Learning to bake cakes with Carole Walter was an experience of a lifetime. She infused her lessons with clear explanations, common sense, and precise techniques. Carole incorporates the science of baking to give you an idea of why different ingredients and techniques work for different types of cakes….I attribute all of my baking "successes" to what I learned from Carole.

Mary W.

From Karen G.
I made your Chocolate Blizzard Cake twice and it is fabulous. It’s the perfect balance of chocolate and richness and I appreciate the preciseness and attention to detail in all of your recipes, as well as accuracy.
From Tim G.
Time and again, following your precise instructions, my baking has turned out flawlessly, and to rave reviews from those to whom I've served these wonderful desserts....I find the photos invaluable, particularly when they demonstrate a technique I haven't tried before.
From Maria A
I have always enjoyed baking but since taking one of the baking classes from Carole Walter I learned so much more….Carole is a wonderful teacher and will teach you techniques that you will apply to all baking…

From Tess S.
Your delicious lemon cake was so great that I shared it very judiciously with only select, special people.
From Mary W.
The Streusel Topped Sour Cream Coffee Cake I recently made was beautiful AND delicious.

Student "Homework"

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