American Cakes, Advanced: Meringue and Foam Style Cakes
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Lesson 7: Soft Meringue Cake with Strawberry Mascarpone
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Lesson 8: Cinnamon Almond Angel Cake with Apricot Souffle Topping, Cinnamon Almond Crumble
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Lesson 9: Lime Spiral with Lime Cream Filling & Frosting, Raspberry Garnish
Soft Meringue Cake With Strawberry Mascarpone
Cinnamon Almond Angel Cake With Apricot Souffle Topping, Cinnamon Almond Crumble
Lime Spiral With Lime Cream Filling & Frosting, Raspberry Garnish

These party-worthy show stoppers are easily mastered following the techniques and photos that illustrate every step. They are sure to dazzle your guests and are the ultimate grand finale for any special occasion.

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Bake and assemble free form meringue layers
Make a perfect angel food cake
Remove an angel food cake from the baking pan
Prepare a sponge cake batter
Spread a foam cake batter evenly in a rimmed sheet pan
Fill and roll a baked sponge cake sheet
Separate eggs using the "3 bowl" method
Whip and use egg whites in stages
Lighten a batter
Fold properly
Bloom and dissolve gelatin
Work with mascarpone cream
Make perfect "no weep" whipped cream
Prepare a cooked citrus filling
Prepare a dried fruit puree
Prepare a fortified fresh berry filling
Apply a thin chocolate coating
Use a pastry bag and decorating tip (see Companion)
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