American Cakes, Intermediate: Luxurious Layer Cakes
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Lesson 4: Vanilla Party Cake with Vanilla Buttercream, White Chocolate Shavings
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Lesson 5: Fudge Cake with Chocolate Pastry Cream, Fudge Candy Frosting
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Lesson 6: Silver Cake with White Mountain Meringue veiled in Shredded Coconut
Vanilla Party Cake With Vanilla Buttercream, White Chocolate Shavings
Fudge Cake With Chocolate Pastry Cream, Fudge Candy Frosting
Silver Cake With White Mountain Meringue Veiled In Shredded Coconut

Layer cakes are the perfect choice for special occasion baking. Here you will learn straight-forward techniques for assembling two and three layer cakes. Lessons include a trio of finger-licking delectable frostings, basic pastry cream and simple, glamorous decorating techniques.

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Make a cream butter batter without egg yolks
Make a vegetable oil-based cake batter
Beat egg whites correctly
Fold egg whites into batter
Assemble 2 and 3 layer cakes
Make an easy butter cream frosting
Make a classic pastry cream
Temper egg yolks
Use a pastry bag for applying level layers of pastry cream filling
Make and apply a cooked fudge-style frosting
Prepare meringue style frosting
Make sugar syrups
Use a candy thermometer
Keep platters clean while applying frosting and garnishes
Make chocolate shavings
Apply garnishes to sides and tops of cakes
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